About Lazer Runner Muscat​

It’s a sophisticated, interactive laser tag game played in a futuristic arena. Players wearing fiber optic Battle Vests and wielding laser equipped Phasers enter the arena, and the excitement begins. Black lighting, theatrical fog, stunning graphics and special effects create the atmosphere. An eerie glow emanates from the front and back of the high tech fiber optic vests. Suddenly, laser beams (totally safe), pierce the darkness in a pyrotechnic display. Combatants hide behind protective cover and maneuver through an interconnecting maze – shooting all the while.

A fiery scarlet beam centers on your vest. Someone has you in their sights! You’re hit – a vibrating sensor thrums a sensation, letting you know the bad news. Your phaser is de-energized for 5 seconds – and the action starts again! You attack your opponent’s home base. Sentry Pods blast at your heels as you scramble for cover. The sound system kicks out a galactic heartbeat. The suspense is unbearable. Strobes explode. Special effects lighting create a dizzying display. Sirens scream the impending danger!

LAZER RUNNER is a pure physical adrenaline rush!